In avoiding the readers' misunderstanding, the writer would like to give the limitation of the title It is of course that in giving the limitation of the title is not at wholly. From the thesis entitled " The Influence of the Ability in Mastering Dialogue on the Achievement in Learning English to the Second Year Students at M A N Magelang ", the writer just wants to explain some terms related to the title. Especially those are becoming key words. They are : Influence, Ability, Mastering Dialogue, Achievement, Learning Eng lish, and MAN Magelang.

Influence : It is a noncountable noun. It means power to affect sb’s character, beliefs, or actions through example, fear, admiration, etc. According to Professor Sir Randolph Quirk in his dictionary entitled 'Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English' N.Edn., the word Influence means the power to have an effect on someone or something without the-use of direct force or command . In this thesis the influence shows the relation between the ability in mastering dialogue and the achievement in learning English.

The Ability in Mastering Dialogue :
Ability (noun) means power to perform ; skill ,to achieve; capability for carrying out; capacity to device retain, or make use of; phisical or moral strength; talents or gifts; in a special or general degree; wealth, means And also according to Professor Sir Randolph Quirk, the word 'ability' (C/U noun ) means the fact of having the skill, power or other qualities that are needed to do something . Mastering is a gerund form of master or to master ( to inf. ) Master ( v ) means to learn thoroughly or gain a lot of skill in . Dialogue ( noun ) means ( a ) written conversation inna book or play . According to A S Hornby, dialogue means ( writing in the form of a ) conversation or talk.

In this thesis ‘the ability in mastering dialogue means, in the writer's opinian, the students' ability in mastering the English dialogues either in their text-books or in other books or even on their tests in the written form. The word students, as we have already mentioned above, refers to the second year students at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri ( MAN ) Magelang.

Achievement : The word 'achievement' is a noun (C/U) Achievement ( U ) means the successful finishing or gaining of something. Whereas the word achievement as non countable noun means something success fully finished or gained, especially through skill or hard work.

Learning English : in the writer's opinion, how is the students' score condition in learning English, especially on the final test of the fourth semester. It is a compound word coming from 'Learning' and 'English'. Learning is the gerund form of to learn (to inf.) having meaning to acquire knowledge of; fixed in the mind (vt), to gain or receive knowledge or skill (Vi.).
As a matter of fact, the word English has so many meanings. In this thesis, English means : 1) The language of Britain, the U S, Australia, etc. , 2) English language and literature as a subject of study. In the writer's opinion the word English means the language of Britain, the US, Australia which is learnt by Indonesian learners as a subject of study. Learn ing English means the process in learn, ing English of the second year students at M A N Magelang.

Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) Magelang :
There are two Islamic Senior High Schools lay in Kotamadia Magelang. , They are MAN whic is located on Jl. Perum Korpri Ngembik Kotamadia Magelang first, and MAN which is lied on Jl. Sunan Bonang 17, P 0 BOX 42 Phone 2928 Kodia Magelang. In getting the data of this thesis, the writer had researched MAN which is lied on Jl. Sunan Bonang the 17th Kodia Magelang, or it is usually called M A N ex :P G A N Magelang.

After giving explanation of each term, the meaning of the title ' The Influence of the Ability in Mastering Dialogue on the Achievement in Learning English to the Second Year Students at M A N Magelang is an investigation to show the relationship between the ability in mastering dialogue, in the written form, and the result of the final score of English subject. In this case the writer investigated to the second year students of A.1, A.3, and A.4 Programs.

Before discussing the problems involved in this thesis, the writer would like to give points becoming the background of the problems. It is done in order to make the readers will be easier in understanding this thesis.

English is one of the International languages, and spoken by many people in the world. English is also the most famoust and important language in the world, since there are many scientific books printed in English, and English is also used in formal or non formal communication in the world.

In many branches of knowledge, the English books are their main sources, such as Mathematics, Biology, Sociology, Law, Chemists, Medical, Engineering, and many others. Lately, English is also spoken in formal or in non formal meetings in the world, and in Indonesia as well. There are many teaching learning processes are conducted in English, especially in the English department of Universities, English course institutions, discussions, seminars, and so on.

In Indonesian schools condition, English is taught from junior high school level until university level. There also occur many English courses in every town. In this case, later ones, serve English courses for children or they are usually called English for Children Class. On the other word, there are many companies or factories or even state departments that need one who master English well. They do not demand ones mastering English passively only, that is ones who master English in receiptive skill, but also ones mastering English actively, that is ones who can use English as their means of communication or ones who can speak and write in English. It means that the English is the first and main entrance requirement in applying for the worker.

Based on the brief description of the English position, we know that English is one of important languages in the world. It is one of demanding subjects in every high school in Indonesia. Thus, English, for the English department students, is not a new subject, since English has been given when they were studying English in their junior high schools level. Viewed from the time they had used, they should master English well.

We have already known that there are four aspects influencing the ability in mastering a language, English as well. They are : reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Therefore, in this thesis, the writer would like to discuss about two aspects of language they are; speaking and listening, or it's usually named 'dialogue’ Because, of the reasons of the curriculum, the writer could not do the investigation of students ability in mastering dialogue as it be. It means that in investigating the students ability in mastering dialogue was not orally, but he investigated the dialogue in the written form.. It was also because the very limited time being available to do the research.

Furthermore, agree with the “ Kurikulum 1984 Madrasah Aliyah “
Agree with the Kurikulum Madrasah Aliyah 1984, in its introduction is said that “Berbahasa adalah menggunakan bahasa untuk berkomunikasi” . It means that after learning English, the students are hoped to be able to use the language as their means of communication.

Furthermore, based on the objective or purpose and the function of the teaching of English is said :
Kurikulum bahasa Inggris ini bertujuan untuk mengembalikan pengajaran bahasa kepada ketermaknaan dan fungsi komunikasi tersebut. Ini diupayakan dengan penjabaran kurikulum yang secara jelas bertujuan kemampuan berkomunikasi. Kurikulum ini menuntut bahwa dalam penyajian bahan pengajaran, bentuk-bentuk bahasa. selalu dikaitkan dengan makna bentuk bahasa itu dan dengan pesan yang dimaksud untuk disampaikan. Proses penyampaian pesan ini diterangkan dalam kaitannya dengan tugas dan fungsi komunikasi sesuai dengan konteks dan situasi berbahasa.

After searching the purpose and the function of teaching of English based on Kurikulum 1984 Madrasah Aliyah, we can find that the language as a means of communication has an important role. It means that the teaching of dialogues to the second year students is to support the achievement of the curriculum.

The dialogue, as we have already mentioned above, means a conversation or a talk in the written form . It means that in this thesis, the writer did not investigate how is the students ability in mastering English dialogue orally. It was because of many reasons. Therefore in this thesis, wants to know how is the influence of the ability in mastering dialogue on the achievement in learning English to the second year students at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Magelang.

Related to this study discussing about the Influence of the Ability in Mastering Dialogue on the Achievement in Learning English to the Second Year Students at M A N Magelang, the writer would like to present the formulations of the problem first, namely :
1. How is the ability in mastering the English dialogues of the second year students at MAN Magelang.
2. What methods have been used in order to increase the students ability in mastering the English dialogues.
3. How is the students achievement in learning English.
4. How much is the influence of the ability in mastering dialogue on their achievements in learning English.

If the students have good ability in mastering English dialogue, their achievements in learning English will be better.

Language is not a practical science only, but also theoretical science. Studying a language means to study how the language works, either in theoretically or in practically. Language will be useful for persons learning he language, if the persons can use the language as it be. They should be able to master the language both in receptive skill reading and listening and productive skill speaking and writing.
Now days, all of people know that so many companies or factories or even state departments' demand persons who master English well to be their workers. Persons should be able to communicate their ideas in English, if they want a good job with good salary.

While the demands of the world are felt too heavy for everyone, includes the students, the graduated of the schools have not been ready for used yet. They should come to a course or training school to make perfect their knowledge of English if they want to get the job as they have immaginized. It means that they will need much more time as well as fee to improve their knowledge in English.
On the other word, in getting a test or final examination, they often or even always meet dialogues in the written form. They often get difficulties in answering the question lists. In the writer's opinion, they get difficulties because they haven't been usual to use the language as their means of communication, although in written forms. In Indonesian schools, especially those are based on the Curriculum of 1980, the teaching-learning a language processes are still emphasized on the structure, structural-oriented, whereas the communicative aspects on the weak side. It is mentioned in the “Kurikulum Madrasah Aliyah, Garis-garis Besar Program Pengajaran:" Dalam Kurikulum 1980 struktur menjadi pusat perhatian dan inti kurikulum. Semua penyajian pelajaran berkisar sekitar struktur itu ".

On the other hand, learning a language is not only learning its structure, but also learning all of the language aspects or learning what the language really is. Language is a means of communication, by means that by using the language we are able to communicate our ideas to other people, or to make interact to other ones.
Agree with Mary Finacchiaro, Ph.D., in her book entitled : 'English as a Second Language: From Theory to Practice, giving us some definitions of the language, one of them says :
"Language is a system of arbitrary, vocal symbols which permits all people in a given culture, or other people who have learned the system of that culture, to communicate or to interact . Furthermore, she also explains the definition above. She says :
The word communicate and interact as used in the definition signify to understand and to speak; to be able to hear and to respond or react (by carrying out directions, for example ) to spoken word. They imply, too, the ability to talk about something that happen in the past, that is happening in : the present time, or that may happen in some time in the future.

From the explanation above, we are clearly able to understand that learning a language is how to learn the language to be useful for our daily life.
In studying English, the ability in mastering dialogues is a very important aspect that muse be mastered by every English learner, if they want to be good in English. The attitudes of the teacher or the techniques of teaching are very important aspects to achieve the success in learning English, and the students dilligence as well, especially for the ability in mastering dialogues.
According to the writer, MAN Magelang is representative enough for the level of Senior High School to be investigated.

As a student of Tarbiyah Faculty, English section Of Tadris Department, after graduating, the writer will be an English teacher, so that he needs knowledge and experience in teaching English as a means of communication, especially in teaching dialogues. As far as he knows, there have not been scripts of English for Tadris students, discussing the influence of the ability in mastering dialogue on the achievement in learning English.

Generally each person has purposes of doing something and the writer as well. In writing this thesis, the writer wants to gain some purposes, they are :
1. The writer wants to know whether or not the ability in mastering English dialogue will influence the achievement in learning English.
2. Wants to search, the students who master four language skills, especially mastering dialogue, will gel good marks / scores in their tests. So that the writer wants to prove quantitatively.
3. Wants to know what methods have been used to increase the ability in mastering the English dialogue of the second year students at M A N Magelang.
4. Wants to fulfill the requirement of getting a scholarship degree.
In order that the materials of the teaching-learning process can be received, or understood by students qualitatively or quantitatively, as the candidate of the English teacher, he must, the writer, look for the best method for the teaching learning processes. In this case the writer is going to give the definition of "quality" and "quantity". Quality means 'The level of exelence something. In this script, qualitatively means the materials that are taught by the teachers can be understood by the students well. While the quantity means “Anything which can be multiplied”, In this script, quantity means the materials that are taught by the teachers are inside of the principles of the instruction programmes ( GBPP ). If the method is good, the target will be easier to get. Furthermore the writer would like to correlate the ability in mastering the dialogues and the achievement in learning English. If the correlation of both is string, we can used the dialogue method to achieve the target in learning English. It means that the proportion of tie ability in mastering dialogues should be increased with connecting the other components such as structure, vocabulary, reading and so on. It is of course, this method does not break the guidance of teaching program written in GBPP.

This thesis is expected to give worthwhile experiences in teaching English to the writer; and the result of this research is expected to be useful for English teachers to develop their teaching abilities.

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